Key Voices #141 - Pupil Learning Experience and Well-being with Edurio

This week we talk to Iona Jackson, Head of Research at Edurio and Anna Menzel, a university student who got involved with Edurio’s research when she was still at school. We hear about what they discovered during the course of their surveys and their thoughts about what makes a difference to pupil well-being. Anna also shares her insights into being there for her friends as a “first responder” to their problems and her reflections on mental health while at school. 


We talk about: 

  • Why Edurio decided to design and run the survey 
  • How Anna got involved with Edurio in the first place and how she inspired one of the questions in the survey 
  • The main findings of the survey, including what it tells us about how well, safe, happy, lonely pupils are feeling and how that changes depending on various  student and school characteristics 
  • Some of the factors that might be driving pupils to feel more stressed and anxious 
  • Edurio’s finding that a higher proportion of pupils are now feeling lonely and who they go to for support
  • Some of the challenges of balancing growing older and building resilience with unhelpful and negative stress 
  • The importance of the role of the first responder and how schools can support pupils in these roles, and indeed all pupils, to listen to their friends when they need them 


“Looking back at my exams now that I’m out of school… they always felt like the be-all and end-all and they never were.”


You can download Edurio’s Pupil Learning Experience and Well-being Review



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